Easy Grip Crawl Suit – Pink

The Creeper Crawlers Easy Grip Crawl SuitTM is 100% cotton and helps your baby reach an important developmental milestone by facilitating grip on modern floors.

Did you know? Crawling is the most important developmental stage. Crawling develops the brain, muscles eye function, and much more. Crawling is the first time your baby uses both sides of their brain together to complete a task. The co-ordination between opposite arms and legs required for crawling is incredibly complex for your baby. This is why this stage stimulates an array of connections throughout the brain.

Our unique rubberised gripper bugs provide just the right amount of traction for babies learning to crawl. Over time we found the optimal grip position which allows babies to crawl naturally while not inhibiting any other movements. No other product better enables your baby to crawl on modern floors.


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