Ina Suliak

Inna is a professional artist and jewelry designer. Having graduated from The Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2007 with a degree in goldsmithing, Inna moved to Dublin in 2011 and set about preparing her debut AW collection. Inna has over 15 years experience in jewellery making and trading.
Her collections use a bead embroidery technique in combination with Baltic Amber, Agates, Jaspers and other semi-precious stones, which bring together Inna’s sculptural and art background and the tremendous patience and skill it requires to create these bespoke and one of a kind pieces. She gets her inspiration by observing surrounding world and nature. Inna's pieces could be called a wearable art.
At the present Inna has 3 lines in her collection:
"Wearable art"- one of a kind beaded pieces with semi-precious stones
"Brass and glass"- collection made by using solid brass, gold and silver plated brass findings and glass.
"Wildcraft" - sterling silver collection cast from a real nature objects: pine cones, maple seeds, roses etc.

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