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“A hub for style in the City, The Design House is Ireland’s fashion Mecca.”

– Xposé, TV3

The Design House

Is based in The Green Building Temple bar, which is its own right a very unique building. The Design House has relocated its unqiue Boutique from Dawson Street to here, offering shoppers a creative shopping experience with a variety of themed areas, with limited-edition pieces in  cutting edge fashion, jewellery, vintage and a variety of art & crafts all under one roof. The list of designers who call “The Design house” home has grown steadily since the doors opened in 2013. The Design House is now the retailing home of over 60 Irish designers and creators. The Design House’s design HUB  also boasts a great, big light and airy shared studio space. It is in this space that the Design House hosts a growing number of one day classes and courses. In addition to this, the Design House offers designers professional fashion workrooms to work from and also provides an in-house seamstress.

I believe the model helps to create & sustain jobs for all of the designers which are in effect their own business. I further believe that this model could be franchised and used to assist many more designers both within Ireland and beyond.

– Bébhinn Flood, Founder


The Concept

The concept behind our enterprise is to bring designers, craftspeople and artists together under one roof and to offer the customer a wide array of high quality products, all at varied price points & services such as our bespoke service and café.

We also offer designers, craftspeople and artists affordable rental of retail space to sell from and/or studio/office space with use of fully equipped fashion work rooms to work from and /or consultation space to meet with clients. We also offer fashion services such as sewing, pattern drafting & cutting, along with the opportunity to either teach or attend some of the fashion/business classes which we run.

Having a situation where retail with studio spaces & sewing rooms are all available in one building alone is vastly different to any other collective out there and what makes the Design House so innovative. When you add in the bespoke services, classes and café this makes the Design house a very formidable retail prospect and completely unlike anything else in Ireland.

The relaxed atmosphere we have created at the Design House along with the inclusive attitude and collective approach is what makes the Design House so unique and standout in the industry. The Design House is not just limited to arts, crafts, jewellery and fashion,  since relocating to Temple we have widen the service offer from The Design House creating a new  beauty hub area. 

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