Made To Order


Bespoke Service
Are you sick of walking the length and breadth of the city and still not finding anything that fits or looks just right?
Our custom-made service could be the answer for you. At The Design House you can get any outfit for any occasion made just for you. From office wear to formal wear to a fabulously unique wedding dress making that spcial day even more special for you.
Our team of designers and seamstresses have years of experience in the industry and we have great contacts with many European suppliers, so you can pick elegant laces from Italy or luxurious silk from France and many more.


The process of getting a custom made outfit goes as follows:

1. The Design Stage were you meet with our skilled designers to design a piece for you or describe your ideal garment and we will work with you to make it a reality. We can even recreate designs from photos you bring into us. Our interactive design process will ensure you get a unique piece that is tailored to fit your body. We will also confirm the design and fabrics at this stage.

2. Our skilled sewing team will create a pattern with your measurements from the design sketch and create a toil.

3. A toil is a mock-up garment. We do these fittings in cotton fabric just so we see the fit and can make absolutely sure that you are happy with the design & fit. If you are getting a wedding dress made we might do two toils, as we like to make sure everything is as perfect as possible for your special day.

4. After which our sewing team will make any alterations to your pattern and start making your real garment.

5. Second fitting is the outer shell in real fabric. This is where the fun starts, you can begin to see how it will look in the real fabric. At this point we can discuss any embellishments you might want to add. Our designers either applique lace & bead embellishments or hand bead garments, all to help to give an even more unique finish to your piece.

6. The final fitting is where we double check that you are absolutely satisfied with the look and fit of your piece.