Ireland’s Sacred Water. White Water Vessel

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Ceramic Keepsake Bottle – White

Handmade ceramic bottles (9cm x 6cm ) is packaged beautifully and would make a lovely token, souvenir or gift. Accompanying the item is a small information leaflet describing the background to this Irish tradition.


In 2015 Irish artist and designer Keri Sherlock designed a collection of sacred vessels inspired by her love, interest and fascination with Ireland’s Sacred Water, the uses for it throughout Irish history and the magical stories of Irelands water traditions and natural springs. Combining her skills and research she designed beautiful handmade ceramic bottles so others may share the wonder and perhaps enjoy a magical journey discovering the sacred places and enchanting legions that make Ireland so special. The water itself is extremely important. Particular minerals and elements have been found at a number of sites, due to the water coming up from deep underground, springing from the earth in its purest form. The spring waters of Ireland have always been and are still being collected and used for blessings, protection and cure.


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