Bébhinn Flood

B Fashion Design is The Design House's own label designers by the Managing Director  Bébhinn Flood .
B fashion Design could be best described as modern vintage chic, integrating classic craft techniques with modern fabrics to create unique modern pieces that are fun, wearable, practical, quirky and unique yet still graceful, elegant and definitively feminine. The garment range appeals to all ages and prices range depending on the design
B fashion Design you can purchase garments off the rail or commission a special one-off piece designed to your own specifications. All of Bébhinn’s pieces are exclusively designed and limited in number. Her designs have featured in various magazines and newspapers and on television for Exposé and The Afternoon Show.
The designer Bébhinn Flood graduated from the Limerick Institute of Technology with a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design in 2004. After qualifying, Bébhinn gained experience of couture fashion, working with noted designers such as John Rocha, Joanne Hayes and Carol Smith. Subsequent to that Bébhinn worked in the mass market side of the trade as a designer at Max Pierre. Then for 8 years she work as  the floor manager of the Loft market.  And now runs The Design House  as well as creating B Fashion Design range.